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Meet the Right Fit

Connect with People

LoveActuallyMe is a platform to connect with people who share the same liking thoughts and ideologies on a social and professional front.

Our online platform helps you find people near you or the one you can connect instantly.

Meet the Right People

Our online initiative will help PWDs and able people to meet connect with the like minded people.

LoveActuallyMe events our designed to encourage meeting new people and making friends.

Grow Together

What happens when you meet people who are like, who like you and who want to move ahead?

LoveActuallyMe Interactions are designed to ensure that people who like the same things meet and grow together.

What We Do

LoveActuallyMe is an exclusive online and offline initiative to encourage and empower people with disabilities (PWD).

We are here to break the notions that persist around people with disabilities. We strive to make the largest community by introducing our socializing cum professional app and offline events.


Inclusivity with Equality


Bringing behavioural change

Working everyday for the people that matter

No global movement springs from individuals. It takes an entire team united behind something big.

More than one billion people. 15% of the world’s population is the world’s largest underserved community. We were saddened and decided we had to do something as everyone is deserving.  LoveActuallyMe is one of the first matchmaking platforms for people with disabilities to make friends and find love and grow their professional network.

LoveActuallyMe works with the vision of inclusivity and equality. It is designed for people with or without disability to come together and meet new people around them. We endorse inclusiveness.

LoveActuallyMe today is actively working to create innovative & inclusive programs and experiences for People with Disabilities without social bias or prejudice. We have partnered with NavGurukul to help the PWDs to enhance their skills and get employed in various organizations. We are driven to innovate something exciting to serve the community better.

Social space is our offline initiative where the aim is to provide a safe platform for users to have stimulating experiences. We have multiple activities planned and the idea behind is to create accessibility and enable regular social experiences to the community.

LoveActuallyMe Team


Tanushree Sharma
Founder / Executioner


Rajneesh Sharma
Co-Founder / Strategist


Shagun Pathak
Community Guru


Vaibhav Padhye
Community Builder


Geeta Chouhan
Para Athlete
(Brand Ambassador)

Mentor & Advisor


Jasmina Khanna
IT Professional / Social Activist


Huzaifa Khorakiwala
CEO, Wockhardt Foundation


Rajnikant Patel

Media & Coverage